Game Changer Pack White

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Semperfli Game changer

Game Changer flies are a distinct style of highly articulated streamer patterns designed and popularized by Blane Chocklett from USA, one of the fly fishing industry's most forward-thinking and innovative fly designers. Semperfli designed a set of chenilles perfect for tying these articulated wonders. Game Changer Chenille Pack Adams is a set of 30mm, 20mm, 10mm and 8mm chenilles with a holographic pearl flash running through perfect for making your own Game Changer flies. Use the different sized chenilles to create that taper.

Wrap our different sized Gamechanger chenilles on the articulated shanks and enhance your flies with permanent marker pens to create that articulated and realistic look fly. Steam your Chenille before tying with it because it will help you get the most out of the material. Popular options for this include holding it over boiling water or using a handheld steamer.

Simply choose your own hooks and shanks for the lengths of flies you want to create

Game Changer Chenille Pack Adams Specification

A complete pack includes:

  • 30mm, 20mm, 10mm and 8mm chenilles
  • Qantitiy of 12 @ 7mm eyes
  • Semperfli 0.5mm anealed stainless steel Intruder wire
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Game Changer Pack White

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