FLC Titanium leader 9 kg - 30 cm

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FLC Titanium leader 9 kg - 30 cm

Titanium wire is the best wire for fishermen with the highest demands.

High nobleness and its top-quality attributes are natural things of this product.

This wire is special for its extraordinary softness as well as its adamant resistance towards sharp teeth and obstacles.

Thanks to these attributes of the wire, any kind of manipulation with it is very easy and pleasant. In addition to all this, its material composition allows presenting the lure on the top level to even the most careful predators.

There is a swivel on one side of the wire and on the other side is a snap-hook. 

Size of swivel and their wires:

- 30cm/9kg- swivel # 8, snap hook # 0, 7 fibres

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FLC Titanium leader 9 kg - 30 cm

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